European Spruce - the Sound of Wood.

We have learned to love the great advantages of CNC-routing for our own lutherie work where incomparable precision is needed.

We open the possibilities of an expensive CNC for you – perfection is sometimes just a matter of data.

NEW: we offer precise CNC´ed "ST*A*OCASTER" bodies

Available for vintage 6+1 bridge routing and for the floating-type with 2 inserts as shown on the pics below. 

Position for the bridge holes is according Gotoh specifications, hole diameter is 3 mm what is smaller than finally needed for US or metric screws. Simply drill the holes up to the specific dianeter you need. 

Various woods available incl.

- Swamp Ash
- American Red Alder
- Honduran Mahoganie
- Maple
- Korina
- Sapeli
- Khaya
- Spruce
- etc. , just ask.

This is no cheap import from Asia but MADE IN GERMANY here in our workshop.

Price: We do the routing service for your choice of bridge-style for 145 Euro/full body additionally to the price of the wood you choose. You can send in your own wood for getting a CNC job, no problem.

Get your quote and email to

Below are rendered pics:


We have fitting necks in stock as well as all hardware, pick-ups and nitrocellulose lacquer for finishing your guitar.


Soon we will be offering a wide range of CNC-fretboard SLOTTING SERVICE:

Steel string   ("Martin long and short scale")
Classical        (650 mm and others)

E-Guitar        ("Fender, Gibson, PRS/Dobro")

All can be ordered with any radius, compound radius available as an option. You can send in one of your boards or choose from our wide range of wood species for freboards. "Faux binding" possible, too. Ask.


We can cut almost everything for you using our CNC, including

  • routing bodies incl. pickup and electronic cavaties and neckpockets for solidbody electric- and bassguitars
  • pre-shaped tops and backs for acoustic guitars like CMF Martin &Co.® models (D and OOO size); joining is required before routing, what we offer for 10 Euro/set (top or back) – or send us your joined top plate. We sand to your specs for 10 Euro.
    All shapes can be done slightly oversized to secure the fit of the top when glued to the rim with an overhang (all is done according to your individual order, so name the overhang you want). No additional costs for this option.
  • pre-shaped headplates (slotted+unslotted/D-size, Gibson®, Paul Reed Smith®). For more informations please refer to the Headplate&Misc. section.
  • custom rosettes
  • various inlays (headstock and fretboard)
  • various molds

For an initial quote please mail us a brief description of your wants and, if available, a 1:1 drawing.

The following data-formats can be used for further procession:

  • .cdr CorelDraw
  • .plt  Hewlet Packard plotter data (HPLT)
  • .dxf AutoCad
  • .dwg AutoCad
  • .3dm (Rhino)
  • g-code (ISI standard)

Other formats like .pdf and all types of scans or bitmaps (.bmp, jpg. and .tif among others) are possible, too, but this requires additional time to size and vectorize the drawing. Please feel free to ask at